Volunteer Opportunities (Individual)

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Volunteers are needed to help with the development of a website center (FEMAC) that will be the hub of all media during a major disaster.
As a volunteer, you will work mostly from your computer, with individuals who have mutual skills.

All persons working on this project are volunteers, including the founder and CEO William Snyder.

FEMAC is a non-profit organization with various products that Connect People During Emergencies.

This is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a website that soon will be used by all Americans.

It is the policy of FEMAC to grant equal volunteer opportunities without regard to race, creed, religion, national origin, citizenship, gender, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran status or financial status.

worker CERT Admin Assistant
The FEMAC CERT Administrator is in need of an admin assistant.
Duties will include:
Assist in setting up new CERT groups to receive training on communications.
Offer dispatch to teams during training and occasionally during a live event. This will require clear speaking abilities.
This person will need to be detail oriented, be able to perform a Personal Accountability Report (PAR) approximately every 60 minutes as well as skills with communications within public safety agencies.

This is a part time position and hours are flexible. Day, nights and weekends are available
This person will need (or will receive from FEMAC):
21 hour CERT training
1 hour Level 1 Security Training
1 hour FEMAC Communications
Basic Operations on Windows 7 pc
Ability to stay on schedule

Marketing – Promotional Video & Graphics Volunteers

We are currently seeking volunteers in the following areas for content development on our website.
Interested candidates should have experience in marketing, creating promotional video and graphic design.

Administrative Department – Help Wanted
Immediate Opening
We need someone to occasionally review legal documents, make suggestions and take care of any legal matter that may arise.
Must be able attend a quarterly board meeting either in person or via internet.
You will work directly along side of the executive staff under the CEO.

FEMAC Weather Center
The Weather Activity Center is in need of 6 people to help define goals and monitor development of this spoke.
You need to be familiar with the needs of people that have been involved in a weather related emergency.
For example a flood, tornado, hurricane, etc. You need to have good communication skills, ability to attend a monthly meeting, in person or via internet or phone.
You must have access to the internet and know basic knowledge of surfing the internet. Volunteers are needed now to be a part of the development of the spoke…Duties and assignments will be made by the spoke administrator.
You can work from anywhere in the US. <
Transportation Activity Center
Several people needed with skills relating to the transportation industry are needed to become a member of our development team.
Photo journalism or video experience would be very helpful. Also needed is someone with knowledge of web design.
All volunteers will work closely with the Department administrator. Now is the time to get in at the beginning of a new and fascinating program.
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Want More?

We have a monthly edition of technology updates.
We try to keep people informed with new ideas used in emergencies. As FEMAC develops new technology, we include the advancements as well as offer ways to become testers.
This is our way to reach out to everyone currently involved or interested in keeping up with the advancement of FEMAC.

Each edition provides summaries of events, current and upcoming events, lists of sponsors as well as opportunities within FEMAC. There are stories from FEMAC staff as well as input from the public. Each edition is monthly so it does not overdue itself. We hope that through these reports and stories, everyone will feel how important their involvement is to FEMAC.

When FEMAC helps others, we will all be assured that we are all informed.

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