Vision Statement

FEMAC is an activity center that connects all types of media with all types of people through the internet in the case of a Federal designated emergency, disaster or catastrophe.
FEMAC will:

… Offer a web portal for the general public to access live, commercial free information and direction before, during and after a major emergency.

… Provide an interactive activity center that can share information relating to an emergency including press releases, closings, outages, people tracking and live warnings, etc from all agencies involved. This center will be backed up in multiple secured geographical locations to help ensure activity in case one or more centers go down.

…Offer links to access all agency websites that are actively participating in an emergency. Agencies will control their own hyperlink-forwarding page.

… Offer (through the web portal) live audio, video and RSS (text) feeds from all media sources (i.e.: television, cable, radio) that are involved in an emergecy so that anyone can monitor statistics, warnings and updates as a replacement to spending hours surfing the web.

… Offer to all utility companies, along with state/federal agencies associated with the emergency region, the use of the FEMAC web portal and other FEMAC methods, to inform general public of outages, warnings and restoration. This is much more effective then telling the public to tune to your local radio and tv for more information. When an emergency is present, time is of the essence and questions need answered now!

… Archive and file all received data, which can be reviewed by agencies or media at a later time.

… Provide multiple levels of authentication and security to agencies for reviewing, editing and releasing media during an emergency.

… Relay and display all emergency notifications and cancellations, which are designated by federal authorities and are based on the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) run by Department of Homeland Security.

… Provide media and information sent in from public citizen’s cameras and smart phones during an authorized emergency that could be used for documenting an event. This information could be used for law enforcement purpose for current and future investigation. Non-classified insensitive images could be released for immediate public viewing. Classified images will be controlled (and optionally released thru participating agencies) to FEMAC for viewing.


-… To offer general public free apps or text messages for receiving alerts and warnings:
… – While traveling in any area of the US via GPS
, i.e. weather warning, earthquake, extreme fires and road closings, power outages, etc

… – At a permanent location :
a person can get help on, closings, outages, recovery center locations, and general help stations, with the emergency area.

… To provide warnings to local public based on their zip code or automatically with GPS

… To provide a means for first responder and relaetd emergency groups the ability to create online forums and free videoconference ports. This will be offered to help with their distribution of education, create stronger groups and be better prepared when emgerencies hit.

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