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Issue:  1-14 Jan-Feb/2014
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Board Meeting
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February is Communication preparation month


Are you Ready?
“Connecting People during Emergencies”
Dear Bill,

FEMAC has grown to over 20 volunteers in the past year and now continues to grow every week.With the growth of any organization, the means to communicate must also grow.

I would like to introduce this FEMAC Newsletter. This Newsletter is our way to reach out to everyone currently involved or interested in keeping up with the advancement of FEMAC.

This newsletter will provide summaries of events, current and upcoming events, lists of sponsors as well as opportunities within FEMAC. There will be stories from FEMAC staff as well as input from the public. Thisnewsletter will be bi-monthly so it does not overdue itself. We hope that through this newsletter, everyone will feel how important their involvement is to FEMAC. When FEMAC helps others, we will all be assured.

Initial Board Meeting
January 14, 2014

The initial board meeting was initially set for January 7thbut, due to bad weather, it was rescheduled to January 14th. It was then held at the FEMAC Fire4 location as well as remote attendance from various people.

In this meeting board members were elected, executive staff  was elected, polices and various items were discussed and approved. This was also a change for volunteers to meet each other. Future plans were discussed as well as product details explained.


Introducing the FEMAC Board
Board Members 

William Snyder – President   wsnyder@femac.us

Bill is the founder of FEMAC. He is the CEO and acting COO.


Al king – Vice President    aking@femac.us

Al is also FEMAC’s Chief Revenue Officer developing and operating revenue funding.Phil Brown – Secretary – phil.brown@femac.us

Phil is also FEMAC’s Marketing Director.


Rod Kinnett – Treasure 

Rod will be running the financial section of FEMAC. 

Dan Uleman – Member at Large

Dan will be heading up the Medical Activity Center.Jon Croake-Uleman – Member at Large

Jon will be heading up the Transportation Activity Center.


February is Communication preparation month.


As a new organization, it is very important to start off by developing effective communication tools before we start our serious development.

It is essential to be able to easily contact people, start collaboration forums, set calendar events as well as having a location to store and retrieve records. FEMAC is offering many communication choices.

FEMAC has personal phone numbers, personal email addresses, personal online collaboration tools, public websites, social media through Facebook and twitter (so far) as well as a multitude of meeting techniques. Thisnewsletter is the newest method to communicate.

When we start our serious development, we will be able to focus on the item and not how to reach out to people due to poor communications.  A full list of people and their contact information will be distributed within the next few weeks through various mediums.

If anyone would like to offer additional ideas, please reach out to Bill Snyder

Notes from Departments:


  • The 2014 Business Plan update is in progress and expected to be final by March.
  • Al King is planning on starting his fund sourcing meetings in March.
  • Phil Brown will continue developing marketing material including handouts and videos. FEMAC.US is now on Facebook.
  • FEMAC email addresses and direct dial FEMAC phone numbers will soon be provided.
  • Support@FEMAC.US is now available to for help on any FEMAC item.
  • Jack Snyder still needs a few more Bio’s for the webpage. If you have not yet emailed your info, then please email it tojsnyder@femac.us


Welcome new volunteers in January


  • Bob Berry comes on board to help marketing and to help develop media dissemination. Bob has background in media–on-air radio talent, creative writing for the media, including radio/tv/print advertising. Have been involved & worked in communication & communication industry since 1970. He worked in radio, advertising as on-air talent for over 40 years. The one constant over the years is his writing. It was considered one of his strengths & one of the assets he brought to the table in every communications position held.
  • Terry Wilson joins the marketing team. He brings experience with professional audio and video production as well as public speaking and educational outreach experience.

Calendar of events


  • February 25  Sales meeting.  7PM
  • March 8 National Weather Service (NWS) Wilmington Ohio Spotter Class:Located at Miami Valley Hospital  9-12AM, lunch, 1-4:30   This is an advanced training class.
  •  March 28 NWS Wilmington Ohio Spotter Class. Classes typically start at 7PM. This is the normal 2 hour weather spotter class which teaches how to identify and make weather related reports.
  •  April 7  FEMAC Board meeting at 8PM at Fire 4 location


Mission Statement:

Federal Emergency Media Activity Center (FEMAC) is a media depository that provides a center for collecting and distributing data, in a public friendly format. It is primarily used during declared emergencies, designated by federal authorities. FEMAC processes and distributes all forms of media made available through governmental agencies and the global community in addition to the private and public sector.



FEMAC Federal Emergency Media Activity Center

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