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“Triple Threat” increases severe flooding risk in biggest US cities

Trio of sea-level rise, storm surge and heavy rainfall exposes coastal cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Boston to potentially catastrophic flooding in future.
America’s biggest cities are at far greater risk of serious flooding in the coming decades than was previously thought, because of a “triple threat” produced under climate change, researchers said on Monday.

A combination of sea-level rise, storm surge and heavy rainfall – all functions of climate change – exposes New York, Los Angeles, Houston, San Francisco, San Diego and Boston to a much greater degree, research published on Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change found.

“Call it a triple threat,” said Steven Meyers, a scientist at the University of South Florida and one of the authors. “What this shows is that there is an increasing risk of compound flooding, from storm surge and rainfall at the same time.”Read More

FEMAC.US Weather Center will be the “War Room” for monitoring live events and gathering information related to a specified state or federal emergency.

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FEMAC.US Weather will provide live information from various agencies and organizations. This information may include text messages, live audio or video feeds, webpage links and more. Media suppliers include government, (local to regional to federal), transportation cameras, road closings, airport status, river status, live storm chaser feeds, live weather maps, school and business closings, disaster and recovery centers and locations, people trackers, utility provider status (including gas, electric, cell phone, water suppliers), local and state police radio, press feeds from government officials and broadcast relay feeds from radio and television stations within the area or covering the emergency.
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FEMAC only relays the information it receives for use in public safety.

FEMAC.US will be the hub of all communications for ONLY government declared emergencies.

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