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“With the launch of many FEMAC communication tools, we believe that FEMAC.MOBI and the Mobile Emergency App will be the most effective tool used before, during or after an emergency.”


Here is why…..

– The FEMAC mobile app has a 100 times better chance to reach for help when cell phone calls are jammed or in a low reception area.
– It can be used for personal, business or large scale emergencies.
– It can offer help to first responders during search and rescue.
– It can help any business or organization to communicate during emergencies with their staff or selected people.
– It can help anyone to communicate during a life threatening situation.
– It delivers information faster and more detailed than any individual news medium.
– It keeps families and friends in touch before, during and after emergencies.
– The Mobile app service is Free for any personal emergency.
– FEMAC.MOBI also works on tablets and standard (non-smart) phones by using text messaging or automated voice calls. FEMAC.MOBI is expected to tie into medical records as well as a way to track people in trouble.

The following refers to study results from Pew Research Center (www.pewinternet.org) on Feb. 27, 2104
Although the research cell phone results shown are were limited to the age of 18 – 65+, we believe that FEMAC cell phone users can be as young as 12 years old. Only 8 % of the US is 12 or under leaving a potential user count to be 291 million people. But only 90 % of people have cell phones so there are 261 million cell phone users in the US.

When taking into account that only 52 % download apps, FEMAC can reach as many as 136 million people with the FEMAC app.
While the remaining 124 million people that only receive text or phone calls will still be able to use the basic (non-app) FEMAC service.

In total, 291 million US people with just cell phones will have the ability to communicate with FEMAC.

US Population verses World Population
According to the government census, there are 317 million in the US and over 7.1 billion people in the world.

Over time, as cell phones reach out to the world, FEMAC will be able to reach billions.

We need phones for testing.

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