FEMAC for Business

FEMAC.Biz (aka FEMAC Business) is a private hub used by various customers. These include businesses, schools, government, first responders and many more. This is a paid service available at various subscription levels.

March 25, 2013: Milestones at FEMA and the agency’s priorities
What threats do we face as a nation? What are the scenarios that require additional federal resources, and how can we build our capabilities there? By answering these questions, we can prioritize what we’re going to fund at the federal level and drive unity of effort towards a nation that’s better prepared. We’re looking at scenarios of national consequence, not just the jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction approach we tended to follow in the past. READ MORE


FEMAC.Biz offers a communication center thru a web dashboard. FEMAC Business connects both profit and non-profit organizations to specific people during emergencies and at different authorized levels.

You will be able to activate your Crisis Communications Plan through your dashboard during an emergency.
You will be able to contact your employees, residents, or whatever group you create though the FEMAC mobile Application and get their response and location (if utilized).

COMING SOON Watch the video on how FEMAC can help your organization or agency

For more information go to: www.ready.gov/business

FEMAC Vision Statement

FEMAC Mission Statement

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