FEMAC Services


Emergency Media Activity Centers
FEMAC has 10 types of Activity Centers.  Each type pertains to different classifications of emergencies. The types are: Weather, Fire, Transportation, Medical, Hate Crime, Earthquake, Terrorist, Cyber, Utility and Extreme Heat.  FEMAC.US

Personal Mobile Emergency App
Read about how FEMAC is developing a personal mobile app that assist in emergencies ranging from personal to local to Federal. This is a Free Mobile App. FEMAC.MOBI

Click here to see if your phone or tablet works with FEMAC.

FEMAC will be providing live and archive broadcasts. Read about how the media can benefit from this free service.  FEMAC will also provide HD videos  and ability to search archives at a membership level.  FEMAC.TV

FEMAC for Business
FEMAC can create an emergency custom dashboard for any business. This dashboard allows the mobile app to instantly communicate with all employees during a business defined emergency.  FEMAC.BIZ  Read more…

FEMAC for Schools
FEMAC combines the mobile app and the Emergency Media Activity Center into a dashboard that helps schools during threats. This method provides instant communications between school staff and the police to help identify geographical locations of a threat.


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