FEMAC’s Technology Roadmap

FEMAC will design and maintain a highly available and redundant infrastructure to ensure all business metrics are met. Initial development and production infrastructure will adhere to “N+1” redundancy until growth necessitates otherwise. Security policies such as access-based restrictions will also be applied to each respective member of the organization. FEMAC will work towards migrating infrastructure to a hosted/managed platform to increase availability and lessen our risk during a critical situation or disaster.

Initially, the infrastructure will support a collaboration platform, communications platform (telephony and e-mail), and a help-desk service portal. Efforts will always be made to virtualize every platform integrated into the FEMAC environment which in turn will lower operational costs and allow for easier migration to a hosted solution. As new initiatives arise within the FEMAC organization, new talent will be needed. To achieve a high standard of work FEMAC will engage with technical firms to find experts in the field.

Research and Development

Research and development will be utilized by the infrastructure team to find new utilities that will increase productivity and organic growth within the organization. An isolated development environment will be utilized to avoid interruptions with the systems in production. This isolated environment also gives team members an empty canvas to work with to help turn ideas into reality.

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