William Snyder
Board President

Bill is the founder of FEMAC. Bill brings various backgrounds to FEMAC. His past experience includes building businesses from concept in the category of media and/or electronic designs.
Today Bill is focusing his skills and experience into FEMAC to create the most advanced means of communication for helping during emergencies.

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Jon Jon Croake-Uleman
Board Vice President

Jon has 20 years in the Transportation Industry, All aviation. Worked in Air Freight, Airlines and Corporate Aviation. Positions held include; First Officer, Captain, Instructor, Check Airman, Safety Officer and Accident Investigator.
Worked with FAA and NTSB. Darling International Aviation Department Captain/Aviation Safety Officer.
– Bowling Green State University/ Aviation Program, BS
– Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
– 1996 Flight Instructor of the year FAA Cincinnati Flight Standards District Office
– Chairman of the Board Southwest Pain Management.

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Dan Uleman
Board Treasurer

Dan will be heading up the Medical Activity Center.
His background includes insight to the health care field involving CMS changes and compliance standards that are ever changing as well as local and state disaster preparedness standard operations. Dan currently is the CEO of an Ambulatory Surgical Center that must always comply with state and federal regulations. Also, once annually Dan attends a life safety code conference to stay ahead of changes that would affect direct patient care.

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Peter Deutsch
Board Secretary

Peter is involved in two areas of FEMAC. He serves under the CFO helping to develop sales strategies and marketing documentation as well as grant sourcing.
He brings a wide experience in culture and travel with 25 years of mission service in Asia. As a head teacher, he ran an elementary and middle school for over 1500 students as well as presenting anti-drug seminars for colleges and universities.
Peter believes that FEMAC is going to change the way we look at our security and protection worldwide.

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They are available upon request by contacting support@femac.info

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