The FEMAC Technology Update is our way to reach out to everyone currently involved or interested in keeping up with new technology related to emergencies.


  • New technology used to “Connect People during Emergencies”
  • Updates with partners
  • Volunteer reports
  • How to get involved with FEMAC

These are the top monthly selected stories featured on this site. They are from FEMAC staff as well as input from the public.  You can also follow these stories on  fb-66x25 and twitter-25x83

We hope that through this monthly update, everyone will feel how important their involvement is to FEMAC.

If you know of a new technology you would like to share. please submit to

Current Edition:

February 2016: Tech Update – Super Bowl Safe

FEMAC Archive

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July 2015: FEMAC Emergency Technology Update: Global Warming

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May 2015 Technology Update: Femac’s assistance to Nepali relief
April 2015 Update

February 2015 Newsletter
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April 2014 Newsletter – Removed

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